About Us

Founder & Kidpreneur

I've visited a lot of places but I want to see the world. Going on trips with my family is cool and we have a lot of fun memories. I am destined to travel the world and I think all kids should too. I  started a business that can share my travel adventures with other families. Maybe they can use it to plan their vacations.

I made my own logo. It has a picture of the world, a plane with me in the front because I like to fly, and places that I went to or would like to go to. Then an artist made it real. After that, my mom helped me put my logo on T-shirts and backpacks for kids to use when they travel. You really need a backpack when you travel!

I sell my travel gear and then use some of the money to send a deserving family on vacation. Vacations are important to spend time with your family and make memories. 

I think that kids should travel the world because we can see different cultures, try all kids of foods and see that we're all the same even when we look different.

I blog with my mom of places we travel too! 


Note: Here is a picture from my family trip to Belize . So far it was my favorite place to visit.