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Hi! My name is Dakota, and I'm eight years old kidpreneur and blogger. I would pick cookies over most vegetables except for peas and carrots. I like reading kid graphic novels and comic books; playing video games; hanging with my cousins and friends; swimming and water parks; amusement parks but mostly the roller coasters; and traveling with my family. I would rather hop on a plane and go to a new destination but I also enjoy road tripping just not too too long of a car ride. 

I started Destinator Kids where I can my blog of my family's travels and sell travel backpacks and T-shirts. I know there are a lot of other kids that would love to travel too so I started a scholarship that let's me give a deserving family the chance to go on a family vacation too.  I've partnered with the Boys & Girls Club to help find a family. I use some of the money I get from selling merchandise. Cool right? 

Why Kids Should Travel


I love to travel. I have been traveling with my parents since I was 2 years old. Every year we plan a family vacation to a place we haven't been to before. We take road trips, love staycations, and squeeze in cruises when we can.

My mom and dad remind me all the time that things go away but memories last forever. There are times when I want a new video game, to play football, or do other kid stuff. Most of the times I get what I want but the older I get the more my parents ask me if I'd rather have stuff or an experience. 

When  I travel I see that other kids are really just like me. Sometimes we speak a little different or eat different food but we're all the same. I like visiting  the landmarks that I read about or see on TV. I think all kids should be able to see the world and experience different cultures. We really are just the same but can learn something new from each other too.

Top Destinations


I love to swim and I'm on a year round swim team so anywhere there's a beach, a pool or a water park makes me happy. I am a picky eater but I do like trying new foods and hearing different accents of the cool people we meet along the way. If you ask me today what my favorite place that I went to, I would say Belize. The water is so clear and you can walk out very far and it doesn't get deep. My other favorite places were Atlantis Bahamas and Punta Cana for the water fun!

I really love it when we go to Disney World and on Disney Cruises. Some other places that I've traveled and think other kids would enjoy are New York City, Paris, and London.  I'll be sure to keep sharing my travel fun with you. I hope it helps you like a new place and want to go too! I'm new to blogging but I'll do my best. My mom helps me a lot

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